Image via ARI

Image via ARI

Fleet services provider ARI has developed a technology called VehicleDowntimeView that measures how long a vehicle is out of service and provides data to manage the reduction of a fleet’s total downtime.

ARI VehicleDowntimeView uses GPS monitoring and telematics data to track the moment a vehicle arrives at and departs from a shop. ARI has geo-fenced more than 68,000 shops in the U.S., Canada and U.K. so that a fleet manager is notified when any vehicle with a telematics device crosses a virtual border surrounding the shop property.

“If a vehicle is down for a few hours, that means your employee isn’t in the field serving customers or generating revenue for your company,” said Tony Candeloro, vice president, customer information systems and product innovation. “And if a driver requires a rental vehicle for a more complex repair, that expense negatively impacts that fleet’s total cost of ownership. ARI VehicleDowntimeView can help fleet managers get vehicles back to work, servicing customers and contributing to the revenue-generating activities they support more quickly.”

Fleet personnel can search for and view the location of vehicles through Bing maps and set parameters to be notified when vehicles are down for maintenance past a certain timeframe. They can also see other important details about the repair being done on the vehicle.

The data collected through ARI VehicleDowntimeView can be used for important business decisions, providing a fleet manager with insights into replacement models, fleet reliability, or the selection of repair shops for future repairs. 

ARI VehicleDowntimeView, featuring maintenance downtime tracking, is provided as an ancillary benefit to clients who currently use ARI’s maintenance management and telematics programs.