Peterbilt announced new technology improvements to its SmartLinq remote diagnostics platform, adding reasoning engine technology and SmartLinq Service Management.

SmartLinq’s added reasoning engine technology is a collective knowledge approach to truck diagnostics and repair that will be integrated into the platform in December. The reasoning engine technology will collect and analyze information generated by the on-board diagnostics of every SmartLinq-enabled truck.

“Reasoning engine technology improves truck service and repair efficiencies to get trucks back on the road faster,” said Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt chief engineer. “Using actual field repair data, it provides technicians and customers with the most efficient diagnostic and service procedures.”

Another new feature added to the platform is SmartLinq Service Management, designed to provide customers with real-time access to the status of truck repairs and service being performed at Peterbilt dealerships.

The information is displayed in a user-centered fashion with real-time dashboards, alerts and reports. All service steps are date- and time-stamped, providing a complete history of each service event. The feature can improve uptime by streamlining communication between customers and dealers to expedite decision-making in the service of the vehicle, such as approving electronic repair estimates.

“SmartLinq provides customers with instant, complete remote diagnostic information,” said Mike Conroy, director of field service. “SmartLinq Service Management takes the next step by giving customers that same convenience during the service process, letting them manage it more efficiently.”

Service Management is currently being rolled out to the Peterbilt dealer network with the fleet portal expected to be made available through Paccar Solutions in the summer of 2017.