One20 is a new membership-based service that aims to help improve truck drivers’ lives on the road with the help of an app that delivers everything from product discounts and point-of-interest information to health coaching and electronic logs — for free.

"What's your 20?" is common trucker lingo for identifying location, and the name One20 is a take-off on that, because everything in the membership program is location-based, whether it’s rating a shower at a truckstop, finding a parking space, or planning a route.

Although One20 is accessed via a free app that works on Apple iOS or Android devices, “We’re not an app company,” stresses Christian Schenk, founder, president and CEO of One20. “Our value expands far beyond technology. The technology is just a catalyst to get to the value we provide.

"Until now, technology has been part of the problem, not the solution, because mobile devices and apps have all been developed with the fleet or general consumer, rather than the driver, in mind,” he explained.

The mobile app includes truck-safe turn-by-turn navigation and exclusive discounts from One20 partners. Membership benefits include:

  • Off-duty tools, such as trip planning, truck parking locator and point-of-interest ratings, details and deals
  • On-duty tools, such as truck-safe navigation that includes traffic, weather, ETAs and multi-stop route planning tools
  • Trucking-specific intelligence on available parking and points of interest
  • Member discounts on things truckers buy frequently, such as food, showers, lodging and trucking services, from a growing list of more than 1,500 retailers and service providers
  • Route-specific member deals on goods and services
  • Exclusive driver-centric content, including One20 Strong, an initiative focused on creating health and fitness programs just for truckers
  • The One20 Foundation, a recognized non-profit charity with the sole purpose of providing support to truckers when it's needed most
  •, a place where drivers can connect and sound off about life on the road, reaching more than 1 million truckers every month since March 2016.

One20 members can extend and enhance membership benefits by buying an exclusive Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8-inch connected Android Tablet, powered by AT&T's LTE network. Schenk explains that drivers using the tablet will have access to additional members-only content beyond that available in the free app, such as entertainment options.

One20 also plans to roll out a free, mobile device-based electronic logging device ahead of the ELD mandate implementation deadline next year. Because it’s free and aimed at drivers, it won’t have the same type of reporting capabilities as fleet-based ELD systems, but Schenk said there is an opportunity for fleets to integrate the hours-of-service data from the One20 ELD into other ELD systems the fleet may be using.

Schenk, who previously worked at Xata (later XRS), told HDT the impetus for One20 came about several years ago. “A lot of us realized early on, the industry focuses most of its effort on fleets to maximize efficiencies while drivers are on duty. The industry really needed solutions to optimize off duty time.”

He said One20 is not just about providing information to drivers, but also improving their lives. The company has a call center that will, for instance, contact a travel center if drivers are giving its showers negative reviews. And the company is lining up membership-exclusive parking spaces that it plans to announce in October.

“So the intent is not just to shine light on good or bad things but to make sure our partners benefit and most importantly that the drivers benefit. When all the bathrooms get cleaned and the burgers get better, the drivers win. The number one thing I want to articulate to the marketplace is, we happen to have an app, but that’s not who we are.”

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