To verify that the Bendix SR-5 valve has been repaired per the recall campaign, look for the presence of a black or green tie wrap secured to the valve body. Photo: Bendix

To verify that the Bendix SR-5 valve has been repaired per the recall campaign, look for the presence of a black or green tie wrap secured to the valve body. Photo: Bendix

Bendix is making available information pertaining to its voluntary recall of some 200,000 of its SR-5 trailer spring brake valves. That May 17 action has prompted recalls of over 30,000 trailers by 11 various trailer makers.

The affected Bendix units were manufactured between Jan. 1, 2014 and March 4, 2016. Per the company, there have been no reports of injuries involving this product issue.   

According to the NHTSA notice posted online about the Bendix recall, the affected brake valves were “improperly machined without a radius on the internal check valve seat, causing a delay of application of the spring brakes while parking.” As a result, if there is a delay of spring brake application, a trailer “may roll away after it has decoupled from the tractor, increasing the risk of a crash or injury.” 

A Bendix spokesperson told HDT that the company is “offering several important details and clarifications” regarding the recall. Chief among these is that a “permanent remedy repair kit” will be available. “Impacted customers will receive a communication from their vehicle OEM or Bendix on the specific steps to take, including how, where and when to obtain the kit and timing to complete the repair.”

According to Bendix, what caused the recall is that “under a combination of a unique set of circumstances, it is possible (though not probable) for an internal leakage to develop in the SR-5 unit, resulting in slow-to-apply spring brakes when parking the trailer.”

Because of this problem, if uncoupled and the internal leakage presents itself, it will result in loss of air pressure in the trailer reservoir. “If a high rate of leakage is observed from the supply gladhand or park control valve exhaust, it is possible that the spring brakes will be slow to apply on the trailer,” Bendix advised. The company noted that this issue does not impact tractor brakes.  

As for what symptom to look for, the manufacturer said that the leak is heard or observed at the supply (red) gladhand when uncoupled from the tractor. “If coupled to a tractor, a leak may be heard from the exhaust of the park control valve (Bendix MV-3 dash control valve) or from a Quick Release valve in the Trailer Supply at the Tractor Protection Valve.”

“Bendix remains in close contact with the vehicle OEMs throughout this effort,” said the spokesperson. “In turn, each OEM follows their own prudent business processes to administer the recall under the guidelines set forth by NHTSA. The goal of both Bendix and the vehicle OEM is to get the permanent remedy solution into the hands of the vehicle owners as soon as possible.” 

The affected valves are identified by the supplier code and the date code on the unit.  Both must be present.  The supplier code – IKD – appears cast into the body. The date code – featuring a “Month/Year” format – appears in red or black type.  An SR-5 valve within the affected population displays a date code between the range of A0114T – C0416T  with: (A) the first letter of “A through M, skipping the letter I”; and (B) the last two numerical digits of “14, 15, or 16.”

“If a vehicle owner confirms that the SR-5 valve installed on your trailer is a part of the affected group, bring your vehicle(s) in for service at your earliest convenience to install the repair, when available,” Bendix said.

The company advised that preventive measures owners should take with their vehicles prior to the time they can complete the valve identification inspection and/or the valve is repaired are: “When parking your vehicle(s), drivers should always use the yellow “PARKING BRAKE” button to assure both the tractor and trailer (including yard tractors) are parked: do not park your vehicle using only the red “TRAILER AIR SUPPLY” button.”

Trailer owners who have questions about this recall may reach Bendix in several ways:

  • Telephone the Product Action Center at 1-877-345-9526. Representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern.
  • Email the Center at:
  • Go to the online Product Action Center under the Services & Support tab on Applicable information on the recall is available and refreshed often.