Photo: Uniroyal Tire

Photo: Uniroyal Tire

Uniroyal Commercial Truck Tires has announced that its Uniroyal LT40 long-haul and regional trailer tire has met the requirements for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Technology program.

The LT40 was recognized for its low-rolling resistance technology and is one of two other existing Uniroyal SmartWay-verified tires, the LS24 and RS20. The LT40 is designed to combat irregular trailer tire wear and features StoneBlocker technology to protect the casing. It is available in sizes 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5 and 275/80R24.5.

The LS24 is a long-haul steer tire that features a sacrificial rib design and micro-siping to resist irregular wear. The RS20 is a regional steer and all-position tire that has a solid shoulder designed to fight scrub.

“Uniroyal products have been recognized by the U.S. EPA for low rolling resistance technology,” said Darlene Shepherd, business segment manager, Uniroyal Commercial Truck Tires. “The LT40 gives customers a choice when they select a commercial product that reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency.”

The Uniroyal tire portfolio for heavy trucks, launched in January 2016, comprises six tread designs with 28 total offers. Uniroyal provides an affordable offer for every commercial truck tire position and application — from long-haul to regional to on-/off- road trucks, including dry van, flat bed, construction, and pick-up and delivery vocations.