PACCAR Parts’ new $32 million distribution center in Renton, Wash., is now fully operational.  Photo: Paccar Parts

PACCAR Parts’ new $32 million distribution center in Renton, Wash., is now fully operational. Photo: Paccar Parts

Paccar Parts has opened its new $32 million distribution center in Renton, Wash., which services dealers in the Northwestern U.S. and Western Canada.

The 160,000-square-foot parts distribution center is nearly three times the capacity of its predecessor, which was built in 1973. Paccar built the facility with new designs and technologies with an emphasis on sustainability.

With a 15,000-square-foot small-parts mezzanine and state-of-the-art equipment with built-in weigh scales and a customer parcel conveyor, the facility has improved operational efficiency and provides a 125% increase in capacity of parts.

Energy-efficient systems, including LED lighting and daylight harvesting, help Paccar Parts meet its environmental goals of business sustainability and making a positive impact in the world, according to the company.

“We designed every aspect of the PDC to create a logical efficient work flow,” said Laura Bloch, Paccar Parts assistant general manager - operations. “From the ‘pick path’ to the unique stocking fixtures, efficiency and accuracy measures have been taken at every point to streamline customer orders and ensure quick turnaround times.”

The facility also includes a 50-person training room and the interactive Paccar Parts Experience, which demonstrates Paccar Parts distribution network, products and services to visitors. Featuring a 3-D model of the distribution center, the Paccar Parts Experience shows off the facility’s efficiencies and innovative technologies.

“By investing in the latest technology and more than doubling the square footage, we are demonstrating our commitment to being a world-class leader in aftermarket parts distribution,” said David Danforth, Paccar Parts general manager and Paccar vice president.