Image via Cummins

Image via Cummins

The Cummins Connected Diagnostics application is now available to customers using DT4000 from DriverTech, an on-board computing system.

Connected Diagnostics works with DriverTech for customers with Cummins power by leveraging data from the DT4000 system to deliver immediate notification of urgent engine system faults to fleet customers. It also provides actionable information with Cummins recommendations in a notification report.

The DT4000 system with Connected Diagnostics can provide reduced shop time, increased asset utilization and improved efficiency of Cummins diesel and natural gas-powered equipment, according to Cummins.

"This collaboration between DriverTech and Cummins provides DriverTech customers with the ability to obtain real-time diagnostic information from Cummins through its extensive capability to evaluate the data sent over our mobile communication gateway,” Mark Haslam, DriverTech president and CEO.

Connected Diagnostics is now available for trucks equipped with DriverTech. For more information, click here.