Bestpass transponder works with almost all toll roads and toll bridges in the continental U.S. Photo: Tom Berg

Bestpass transponder works with almost all toll roads and toll bridges in the continental U.S. Photo: Tom Berg

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Bestpass, an automated toll-processing and -paying service,  announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show that it now covers almost all toll roads and tolled bridges in the continental United States, with the last one – the Oklahoma Turnpike – coming aboard by the middle of this month.

The company also is offering two new packages: Complete, that covers a transponder rental plus the service, and Freedom, which handles payments to facilities that are out of network, such as little-used bridges and toll roads in Mexico.

“We’ve grown aggressively over the past year, both in terms of geographic footprint and number of clients, and we’ve developed a number of new services in response to that growth and to our user feedback,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “With this new phase of the Bestpass service, we are well positioned to be an even better partner for our customers on the road and in the back office.”

Bestpass Complete gives customers a solution for national toll coverage in a single device with optional weigh station bypass compatibility and reporting for all major U.S. toll roads. Fleet managers can use it to benefit from a single shipment, single installation and single report for each truck.

The Freedom Service expands the company’s single solution by offering nationwide violation, video and out-of-Bestpass network toll statement processing. This will help companies that travel beyond the major toll roads in the U.S. and Canada, wherever there is a toll.

Bestpass will process violations and submit corrections on behalf of its customers, saving the time of tracking and processing violations, as well as the money spent on incurring additional violations. Customers can submit toll bills from outside of the Bestpass network to be paid and included in their single monthly invoice and comprehensive toll data reporting.

Bestpass is also currently testing its service in Oklahoma and expects to be able to add the state to its coverage by the end of April, expanding its network to include 100% of all major U.S. toll roads.