ProSight Specialty Insurance in partnership with transportation compliance firm Foley Carrier Services is offering an enhanced drug test that goes beyond standard Department of Transportation-compliant testing to identify drug-using drivers that are not usually detected.

The program includes a drug-testing package that helps identify drivers and machine operators who use drugs not monitored in a typical test, including risky pharmaceutical drugs. The current DOT-compliant drug screen panel does not include many contemporary drugs that could provide a more complete profile of driver substance use, according to ProSight.

The standard fails to detect a wide range of drugs that can lead to accidents or undesirable behavior which can hurt a fleet’s bottom line and safety record.

"ProSight is fully committed to working with industry experts to solve problems that affect our transportation customers," says Jeremy Zottneck, president for transportation niche at ProSight. "We're very excited to partner with Foley to offer an enhanced drug test that will help customers boost their productivity, reduce driver churn, decrease dangerous incidents and improve overall return on investment."

The ProSight Drug Testing Program includes three options:

1. Enhanced Drug Testing package

  • An enhanced 10-panel drug test that uncovers risky pharmaceutical drugs that account for 30 percent of post-accident positive tests and is 2-3 times more likely to return a positive result
  • Nationwide network of 9,000 testing centers
  • Faster than average results when compared to industry standards 

2. Driver File Management package—Includes the Enhanced Drug Testing package above, plus:

  • Maintenance of all DOT driver files in audit ready format
  • Tracking motor vehicle records
  • Storing cognitive/medical assessments
  • Handling background checks

3. Basic DOT testing package

  • Includes the standard DOT-compliance test conveniently administered by Foley

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