Modern Tire Dealer and Heavy Duty Trucking magazines have completed an in-depth research project that provides an expansive look at truck tires and their maintenance.

Both tire dealers and fleet customers participated in this exclusive study that covers a wide range of important topics.

The Truck Tires and Maintenance 2015 Survey delves into the buying, selling, and servicing habits of truck tires. Highlights of the study include tire brand quality ratings along with their retreadability as well as what brands are currently being sold and used. The study also analyzes retreading operations and ranked the most important issues in the industry.

In some cases there is across-the-board agreement. In others, the difference in responses is stark. The survey provided a critical glimpse into what the “other” party is thinking.

Important ancillary issues, such as equipment, in-tire balancing compound and tire pressure monitoring system usage, types of wheels used, and the evolution of digital maintenance reporting, also are covered.

In the 42-page report, the two publications deliver data that can help suppliers, truck tire dealers, and fleet owners and operators run their businesses more profitably. The survey is the first side-by-side look at the truck industry by MTD and HDT in more than 30 years.

For a copy of the survey, contact HDT Publisher David Moniz at or MTD Publisher Greg Smith at