Aftermarket leadership outreach and educational group GenNext voted and approved five new directors and a new senior advisor at a recent board of directors meeting.

GenNext is a non-profit organization formed in 2014 that aims to educate, mentor and recruit heavy-duty aftermarket leaders.  

The newly added directors are Dan Humphrey from Timken; Justine Scriptunas of Meritor; Adam Diecks of Point Spring & Driveshaft; Jeff Paul from Vipar Heavy Duty, and Justin Miller from Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. The new senior advisor is Dave Willis from CRW Parts.

In an effort to keep representation equal from member input and feedback, GenNext has both suppliers and distributors serve on the board with a two-year alternating rotation.

“GenNext had an incredibly successful year in 2015 with a very dedicated and supportive industry,” said Steve Hansen, outgoing president of GenNext. “We’re really looking forward to 2016 and certainly appreciate the board members giving us their valuable time to help support this effort.”