Image: SmartDrive Systems

Image: SmartDrive Systems

SmartDrive Systems has launched the SmartIQ Transportation Intelligence Suite, designed to take large volumes of data generated by commercial fleets and turn it into real-time actionable data, predictive analysis and prescriptive actions.

Based on SmartDrive’s video analytics platform, which tracks driver performance and vehicle systems data, SmartIQ adds new performance metrics and predictive analytics to the platform. The company said that allows for insights across fleet safety, operations, efficiency and maintenance.

"From the outset SmartDrive believed that the combined power of video and analytics would transform the transportation industry and we designed our data architecture to meet the unique and demanding analytical requirements of this real-time operating environment,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive.

"SmartIQ creates new opportunities for fleets to unlock the value of their technology investments by moving beyond reporting toward information sharing and real-time insights fueled by new algorithms, predictive analytics and prescriptive action," he added.

The SmartIQ Suite is comprised of three main components: SmartIQ Packs, SmartIQ Streams and SmartIQ Services.

SmartIQ Packs are divided into Fundamental and Pro packs. The Fundamental pack is included in every SmartDrive program and it delivers reports and data visualizations conveying performance metrics, SmartIQ Scores and a variety of operational management reports. The Pro pack goes deeper, using Tableau Software to incorporate interactive visualizations, “what-if” analysis and more advanced analytics.

SmartIQ Streams are data feeds of driver, vehicle and driving performance data collected by the SmartDrive video analytics platform for consumption by third-party intelligence solutions.

SmartIQ Services are professional services for custom analytics and visualization development by transportation intelligence experts.

Within the SmartIQ Suite is the SmartIQ Engine. It's made up of algorithms, predictive models and analytics developed from SmartDrive’s proprietary database of over 140 million analyzed and scored driving events.  Using this database of information, SmartIQ is designed to deliver transportation intelligence focused on improving a fleet’s outcomes.

"Transportation intelligence is a big idea whose time has arrived,” said Don Osterberg, member of SmartDrive’s board of advisors. “There is tremendous opportunity to address long-standing industry challenges, especially in areas of safety, with proactive intervention.”

Osterberg was recently added to SmartDrive’s board of advisors after serving as the senior vice president of safety, security and driver training for Schneider. He is tasked with using his experience to support the company’s strategic focus on new innovations and offer strategic advice.

The company said that Osterberg will be directly involved in the formation of new solutions and strategies related to predictive analytics, algorithm development and industry-focused management metrics.

"By applying video analytics to driver behavior and combining that with an approach to data science that is tuned to transportation, SmartDrive is generating a step-function change that will materially impact fleets across their operations,” said Osterberg.

The SmartIQ Suite is currently available with the SmartIQ Pro Pack as part of an "early adopter" program. For more information, click here.