It’s customary to look back at the year just ended and here we do so by presenting the daily news stories posted by Heavy Duty Trucking that most caught our readers’ eyes throughout 2015.

The grabbiest story of all was one that came out only in December. But it was news that motor carriers and drivers alike had long been waiting to read— the specifics of the new Electronic Logging Device mandate.

Indeed, news about or affecting drivers crowded our top ten stories of the year, accounting for six of them if you include the report on the rollout of the first autonomous truck licensed to drive on U.S. highways.

Other eye-grabbing topics included the first long-term highway bill to be passed and signed into law in ten years’ time as well as exciting product developments from OEMs.

So, lean back and take a look in our rear view at the news that most moved you in 2015 as you rev up to drive ahead in 2016.