Image via Cargomatic

Image via Cargomatic

After several months of beta testing, Cargomatic has officially launched service in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, the company announced.

Shippers and truckers in Northern California will now have access to Cargomatic’s web and mobile apps, which connect shippers to nearby local truckers with available freight capacity. Previously the service was available in Southern California and New York City, where service was launched in Jan. 2014 and Aug. 2015, respectively

“The San Francisco Bay Area is the heart of technological innovation, and also an enormous transportation hub, so bringing Cargomatic here was a natural fit,” says Jonathan Kessler, co-founder and CEO.

Cargomatic connects shippers with truckers through its apps, with all transactions occurring digitally, requiring no paperwork, allowing freight to move in a more efficient manner, says the company.

Shippers can track freight online in real-time and truckers can fill empty space on their trucks. The process can also allow drivers to use more efficient driving routes, spending less time in traffic and reducing fuel consumption, according to Cargomatic.