Chevron has launched a PC-11 Public Education Campaign aimed at “building awareness and clarity” about the new API CK-4 and API FA-4 oil-service category specs approved last week.

The specs were approved by ASTM International’s Automotive Lubricants Subcommittee to be licensed on Dec. 1, 2016. The Public Education Campaign is an initiative to keep the industry informed and explain PC-11 clearly and simply over the next 12 months.

Research has shown that awareness of the new category of oil is low, according to Chevron, and among those who are aware there is still confusion.

“Once those who rely on these oils are made aware of PC-11, and that the new category is actually two subcategories, there are a lot of questions and concerns,” said Shawn Whitacre, senior staff engineer of engine oil technology at Chevron Lubricants, and chairman of the ASTM Heavy-Duty Engine Oil Classification Panel. “Now is the time to help the industry and our customers get ahead of the change and prepare for it.”

The Chevron campaign will include a new website, PC-11Explained.com, that will provide ongoing expert commentary, multimedia resources, news and insights on issues surrounding the new heavy-duty engine oil categories.

There will be an ongoing video series of interviews with the Delo PC-11 team answering questions and providing updates. Chevron will publish a monthly column to dispel misinformation, and a weekly Q&A column will provide timely answers to questions.

Webinars will offer insights and explanations to help customers understand the basics about PC-11. Chevron will also offer customized information for those interested in on-highway related topics as well as off-highway, plus the latest news on PC-11 from the media and links to other resources, news articles and commentary related to PC-11.

For more information, visit PC11Explained.com.