Labelmaster has released the findings of a survey it conducted of shipping executives that reveals their feelings on hazardous materials regulations.

More than half of the 136 executives polled felt that regulations found in the governments hazmat regulation’s reference book, 49CFR, are so complex, that “Einstein would have difficulties” figuring it out, said Labelmaster.  As high as 59% of the executives surveyed said that they find it challenging to keep up with dangerous goods (DG) regulations.

“Between the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense, there are literally thousands of regulations governing the shipment of dangerous goods,” said Robert Finn, vice president of marketing with Labelmaster. “And these complex regulations constantly change.”

Executives were also asked about the most challenging aspect of meeting DG transport regulations. The most common answer was that regulations changed so often. Fifteen percent of executives answered “regulations are different when using different transportation modes” and 14% said that “regulations are confusing– everyone has a different interpretation.”

“Many firms rely on outside experts and consultants to help simplify and customize the regulations by offering software, training and customized products and other personalized items, all with one goal: safe, compliant shipments,” said Finn. “For the company armed with this knowledge, materials and support, the process need not be complicated, even for an Albert Einstein.”

Labelmaster research results were based on the responses of 136 dangerous goods transport professionals who completed an online survey in April 2015. Labelmaster specializes in helping companies comply with regulations governing dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

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