Local TV station reports on trucker protest at Port of New Orleans.

Local TV station reports on trucker protest at Port of New Orleans.

Truckers at the Port of New Orleans are sick and tired of handling damaged boxes that they don't get paid for and are protesting, according to a local TV station.

WDSU News reported Monday that since Hurrican Katrina, instead of there being an area dedicated to handling damaged boxes near the unloading zone, they have to take the boxes to a separate location for inspection, then to a third location for storage

Truckers say it's a process that takes several hours of unpaid time, costing them $200 or $300 a day.

A group of truckers met with port officials and trucking companies last week but say they found little sympathy.

The Port responded with a statement acknowledging the truckers' concerns, saying their complaints echoed those of truckers at other ports in the country.

"Senior Port staff facilitated discussions between terminal operators and truck drivers to focus on conveyance strategies to enhance the speed and velocity throughout the terminal," it said, and pointed out that "about $40 million is being invested in terminal infrastructure to create efficiencies and expand capacity."

"In addition to infrastructure investments, New Orleans Terminals and Ports America are implementing one of the nation’s first fully-automated appointment systems for truckers using the terminal’s gate."