Prime is reserving 30 competition slots for drivers from other fleets to participate in its Fittest Trucker in America competition taking place on Aug. 29 at Prime headquarters in Springfield, Mo. Prime's goal this year is to make it a truly national competition.

The annual competition was created by Prime driver Siphiwe Baleka to showcase drivers who have made fitness a daily part of their truck driving career. Baleka conducted a seminar at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show during which he invited other fleets to send their fittest male and female truck drivers to the 2015 competition.

“There are weight loss competitions for drivers, but nothing to showcase those drivers who are managing to maintain very high levels of fitness while living on the road,” said Baleka. “This competition is designed to identify who is the fittest truck driver in America.”

In 2014, Peterbilt sponsored the competition and put up prize money, which was won by 27-year-old Randee Lewis. In 2013, the winner and third place finishers were both featured in an issue of Men’s Health magazine.

“There is an obesity epidemic leading to premature death in the trucking industry and as a consequence, helping drivers lose weight has grown in popularity,” said Baleka. “We can do a lot to promote both driver image and fitness by exhibiting those truck drivers who are in peak physical condition.”

For more information on the competition including eligibility and online registration, click here.