Photo courtesy of TCA

Photo courtesy of TCA

The Truckload Carriers Association named two fleets its National Fleet Safety Award winners during a wrap-up event at its Annual Convention in Kissimmee, Fla. FTC Transportation of Oklahoma City and Bison Transport of Winnipeg, Manitoba were the two grand prize winners of the award.

The award was divided into two categories based on the annual mileage of each carrier with FTC winning in the small carrier division and Bison Transport winning for the large carriers. Carriers with a total annual mileage of less than 25 million miles were considered small carriers while 25 million miles and above were considered large.

Both carriers were found to have extensive safety programs with company cultures that emphasized safety and incentives encourage participation.

“In the trucking industry, safety is our highest objective, therefore earning one of these two grand prizes is an extremely important and enviable achievement,” said Brad Bentley, TCA president. “We want to showcase the incredible safety programs that these fleets demonstrate sot that other carriers can strive to do the same.”

The application process for the National Fleet Safety Awards begins with fleets submitting their accident frequency per million miles driven. The TCA then selected the top three winners for each of six mileage-based divisions and had the results audited for accuracy by an independent expert.

The grand prize winning companies had to demonstrate that they strive to meet standards in their safety programs both on and off the highway and were judged by their commitment to improving safety.

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