A trailer with an ATDynamics TrailerTail. Photo via ATDynmaics.

A trailer with an ATDynamics TrailerTail. Photo via ATDynmaics.

Stemco has acquired ATDynamics, maker of the TrailerTail and EcoSkirt aero fairings and other drag-reducing products for trailers. The business will become part of the Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions (ITMS) group of Stemco, which makes Aeris by Stemco and Aeris SmartSense automatic tire inflation systems.

“The acquisition of ATDynamics aligns with our strategic direction to assist our fleet customers in improving fuel efficiency and increasing tire life,” said Todd Anderson, Stemco’s president. “It continues to build a solid platform from which we can offer a more complete line of aerodynamic products."

He pointed out that the TrailerTail technology can improve a trailer’s fuel efficiency by over 5% without hindering cargo capacity, loading or unloading.

Bob Montgomery, vice president of the ITMS group, will lead the combined business, Anderson said.

“I am especially excited to unite the talented team at ATDynamics with the Stemco family, expanding the portfolio of products we will now be able to offer, and growing the opportunities for innovation targeted at increasing safety, reducing fuel consumption and tire wear, and reducing pollutants.”

ATDynamics is headquartered in Hayward, Calif., with an additional new product development and sales office located in Chattanooga, Tenn. Stemco has offices and manufacturing facilities in Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee, and in Canada and China.

Stemco produces products for commercial vehicle wheel ends, braking and suspension components, and intelligent transportation systems. It is an EnPro Industries company.