Members of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations will discuss fuel efficient tires and whether they actually save money at the organization’s 2015 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Expo. 

Between 30% and 40% of power from the engine required to move a vehicle down the road is used to overcome tire rolling resistance, according to the TMC. Because of this, as little as a 3% decrease in rolling resistance can produce a 1% increase in fuel economy in an on-highway operation. 

TMC’s 2015 annual meeting will be Feb. 16-19 at The Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn. The event will focus on the challenges facing fleets and service providers as well as the best practices that have been developed to improve relations between the two.

The annual meeting brings together thousands of trucking professionals from across the country to learn about new equipment and procedures and to examine and share solutions to common problems challenging fleets.

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