The Retread Tire Association announced that it would donate $100 to back up the company’s Retread Challenge, which is meant to prove the safety of tire retreads.

Because tire debris is often blamed on retreaded truck tires, the RTA is offering a tour of a modern retread facility to anyone to show how much care goes into producing a retreaded tire. If the visitor is still not convinced of a retread’s safety, the RTA will donate $100 to that person’s charity of choice, in that person’s name.

“This is a serious offer because we believe that a visit will open their minds to the benefits of top quality retreads,” said Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the RTA. “We are willing to put our money where our mouth is, no questions asked.”

Brodsky says that debris is made up equally between new tires and retreaded tires despite common misconceptions.

“The true reason that tires fail and throw tire debris on our highways is because of improper tire maintenance, with underinflation being the main cause,” said Brodsky.

To learn more about the benefits of retreaded truck tires or to arrange a plant tour with the RTA, call (831) 646-5269 or email