Graphic: DAT Solutions

Graphic: DAT Solutions

Spot market freight rates and availability all posted healthy gains in November in the U.S. and Canada compared to the same time a year ago, according to the DAT North American Freight Index, however there were declines from the month before.

Rates increased for all three equipment types with vans adding 16%, reefers jumping 24% and flatbeds gaining 15%. Rates in November compared to October rose 6.1% for reefers, 3.2% for vans, while flatbed rates slipped 2.1%. 

Overall freight availability was also strong in November, with volume increasing 17% compared to the same month in 2013. However, on a month-over-month basis, volume declined in a typical seasonal pattern, dropping 15% compared to October.

Freight volume increased for the three major equipment types, compared to November 2013. Van demand rose 44%, while freight availability increased 29% for refrigerated trailers and 13% for flatbeds. Compared to October, freight volume increased 8.6% for reefers, but van freight availability dipped 3.6%, and flatbed demand dropped a full 34%.

The rates cited are for line haul only, excluding fuel surcharges, which declined on both a month-over-month and year-over-year basis, according to DAT.

The monthly DAT North American Freight Index reflects spot market freight availability on the DAT Network of load boards in the United States and Canada.