Phillips Industries expanded the capabilities of its Electrical Harness Division at its new facility in Arteaga, Mexico.  The new facility will increase the division’s footprint by 25% to support additional growth as well as improve current lead times, flexibility and on-hand inventory.

“We realized to meet the rapid growth we expect, we needed more room and better efficiencies with upgrades to production layout and quality control capabilities,” said Rob Phillips, president of Phillips Industries.

The facility will use Lean Manufacturing techniques to produces products in a more efficient manner. The Lean layout is standardized to streamline processes and practices throughout the company. Phillips originally moved its Electrical Harness Division to Mexico six years ago and the division has since grown by 510%.

The increased demand has come primarily from customized harnesses which have been specifically addressed in the new facility to improve production efficiency. Phillips has also added new testing machines to ensure product quality meets OEM standards.

“EHD’s new larger facility not only gives us more room now, but it also gives us the ability to continue growing as the global demand for our product increases,” said Phillips.