The Texas Trucking Association Foundation will make a $50,000 financial contribution to Trucking Moves America Forward over the next five years.

Its trustees voted on the proposal to support Trucking Moves America Forward in November and believe the campaign fits seamlessly with their mission, according to a news release from the group.

TMAF, launched in March at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, is an industry-wide image and internal education initiative informing policy makers, motorists and the public about the benefits of the trucking industry.

"Trucking Moves America Forward is an educational tool that will not only further the understanding of our industry, but will also ignite a passion in others for what we do," said TXTA President and CEO John D. Esparza. "Our country is defined by the hard working men and women who travel our highways and byways delivering goods. We want to help spread that good message of safety and critical support."

Current member of TMAF include a number of other trucking industry groups as well as manufacturers and suppliers.

"A primary goal of Trucking Moves America Forward is to educate the public, as well as, our policymakers on the importance of trucking to our nation," said Kevin Burch, TMAF vice chair and president of Jet Express. "TMAF's partnership with the Texas Trucking Association Foundation is just another way to spread our message. We are very appreciative to have the support of one of the largest trucking associations in the country behind the TMAF movement."