Spot freight rates are gathering some momentum following a recent lull, according to new figures released from DAT Solutions, based on results from the DAT network of load boards.

Reefers increased 2.2% for an average of $2.31 per mile for Nov. 2 through Nov 8 compared to the previous seven days, the highest level since September.

Vans posted a 1% gain for an average of $2.03, it highest level in four weeks, while flatbeds moved lower for the second straight week, shedding 0.4% for an average of $2.34 per mile, due mainly to lower fuel surcharges, according to DAT.

This happened as the number of spot market loads available increased 3.1% while spot market truck capacity fell 4.9%.

The changes in rates were reflected in load-to-truck ratios with reefers increasing 18% to 9.2 loads per truck, due to seasonal capacity pressure.

The van load-to-truck ratio increased 14% to 3 loads per tuck, as a 4.5% increase in spot market van truck capacity was outweighed by a 6.9% increase in van freight availability.

In contrast, the flatbed load-to-truck ratio declined 6.1% to 16.8 loads per truck as reefer truck capacity fell nearly 1%.