A Georgia man has been sentenced by a federal judge to 12 months probation after pleading guilty early this year to violating a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration out-of-service order.

The sentence was handed down to Corey Daniels on Oct. 24 in Macon, Georgia, according to a news release from the U.S. Department Transportation’s Office of Inspector General. He along Devasko Lewis, Lacey Lewis and Calvin Outlaw were indicted in May 2013 for false statements and conspiracy to criminally violate an imminent hazard out-of-service order issued.

“Our investigations revealed that in October 2008, Devasko Lewis, doing business as Lewis Trucking Co., was placed under an order to cease all operations due to serious violations discovered during an FMCSA compliance review which was conducted after a fatal crash in Alabama that killed seven State of Alabama prison guards,” said a statement from the Inspector General’s office. “Subsequently, Lewis formed DDL Transport LLC, which was ultimately placed under another order. In May 2012, Lewis pleaded guilty to violating the orders and was subsequently sent to jail for 90 days to be followed by 12 months supervised release.”

According to the Inspector General’s office around the time Lewis pleaded guilty and before his sentencing, Lewis obtained DOT numbers for Eagle Transport and Eagle Trans using the identity of friends, including Daniels, and failing to reveal his involvement to FMCSA as owner/operator of the companies. After reporting to Federal prison in November 2012, Lewis continued operating Eagle Trans with the assistance of Daniels and others.

This investigation was conducted with assistance from FMCSA and the Georgia Department of Public Safety.