VIDEO: Utility Trailer Details 4000A, 4000S Flatbeds and Tautliner

Utility is showcasing three of its latest trailers, the 4000A and 4000S flatbeds and the Tautliner curtainsided trailer, with a video detailing the features and use cases of each.

“The intent is to provide individuals another way to get detailed information on what is available," said Larry Roland, director of marketing at Utility.

The 4000A is a flatbed trailer made of a high-strength aluminum and steel combination designed to be lightweight and strong. The 4000A comes with an air-ride suspension and has an 80,000-pound distributed-load rating.

The 4000S is an all-steel flatbed trailer designed for heavy-duty use. It has a main beam capacity of 80,000 pounds evenly distributed and has a single coil capacity of as much as 57,000 pounds.

The Tautliner is a curtainsided trailer for durability and load protection. Utility curtains are full load bearing and feature a 3x2 weave for strength. The curtains' sides and rear doors give the Tautliner the capability of three-way simultaneous access to the cargo.