U.S. van rates on the spot market are approaching their highest level on record, according to the freight matching service provider DAT.

They increased 1.1% during the second week in June compared to the first week, for an average of $2.07 per mile, with it made up of $1.59 per mile for the linehaul charge and 48 cents for the fuel surcharge.

Reefers posted a slightly larger hike, 1.3% for an average of $2.41 per mile, while flatbeds slipped 0.8% to $2.42 per mile.

This happened at the number of total spot market loads available fell by 0.7% and truck capacity increased 12%.

Load-to-truck ratios in all three of the major freight categories fell by 4.8% or greater, with it coming in at 4.2 for vans, while remaining at unusually high levels for flatbeds and reefers, 48.5 and 11.1, respectively.