The company Xperion has reached an agreement to develop a new line of 3M-branded compressed natural gas tanks for use in the heavy-duty transportation industry.

The tanks will integrate 3M's Matrix Resin technology with Xperion's engineering and proprietary design technology. A new Xperion facility, currently being constructed in Heath, Ohio, near Columbus, will deliver production of these new tanks starting later this year.

“Our mutual goal is to bring superior value to customers in order to accelerate the industry’s adoption of CNG,” said Rory Yanchek, vice president and general manager for 3M’s Aerospace and Commercial Transportation Division. “Many other companies in this space have limited capabilities, but Xperion brings broad composites experience and deep manufacturing knowledge on a global scale.”

“The location of this new facility is significant. it will be the closest source of supply of Type 4 tanks for multiple heavy-duty OEM manufacturers,” said Sean Ellen, general manager of Xperion.

3M and Xperion plan to continue to address the light-duty CNG segment as well, where 3M commercially introduced its first CNG tank early last year and Xperion introduced its Xstore CNG tank in 2008, according to an announcement.