This year's Society of Automotive Engineers Commercial Vehicle Engineering congress will feature a two-hour panel discussion on the growing regulatory environment associated with improving commercial vehicle aerodynamics and methods.

Europe, Japan and North America (Canada, U.S. and California) regulatory groups as well as SAE are involved in the development of regulations for aerodynamic test and analysis methods. Industry experts from the EPA, NHTSA, NAS, EMA, NRC and ACEA will discuss their views regarding the challenges and limitations of current and proposed regulatory methods.

Featured panelists include:

Session Moderator: Rick Mihelic, PACCAR - Retired

NRC - Brian R. McAuliffe

US EPA - Prashanth Gururaja

NAS - Charles Salter, Independent Consultant

NHTSA / DOT - Cor Cooper

ACEA - Per Elofsson, Scania

EMA - David Kayes, Daimler Trucks NA

SAE ComVec takes place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center • Rosemont, Illinois USA October 7-9, 2014