An Australian motor carrier, Scott’s Transport, and two of its senior managers were fined $1.25 millon this week over repeated speed offences and speed limiter tampering.

A judge in The New South Wales issued the fines for 165 speeding offences that occurred between August 2010 and March, 2012, the Australian Daily Telegraph reports.

A spokesman for the NSW Roads and Maritime Services told the paper the fine was the highest total fine imposed by a court in that state since ‘chain of responsibility’ laws were introduced in 2005 to make company owners more accountable for the safety of their fleets.

The report says 42 drivers in all were charged with speeding offences, with one clocked at nearly 90 mph. Trucks in Australia at electronically governed to 62 mph. It's also an offence to operate a truck with a tampered or disabled speed governing device.

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