Thirty-three drayage companies have filed a lawsuit against Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, Port Metro Vancouver and the Canadian federal government over the recent dispute resolution with the port’s container truckers, according to Today’s Trucking.

The trucking companies claim that the federal government did not have the right to require provincially regulated trucking companies to comply with the 2005 Ready Memorandum of Agreement and its rate schedule and any changes related to it.

Late in February, over 1,000 container truckers walked off the job for a month because of long wait times at the port’s terminals, undercutting and rates. Container truckers returned to work after a 15-point action plan was agreed upon. Part of the plan was an increase of 12% to rates.

The civil claim states that the trucking companies have complied with the port’s and government’s “unlawful and unconstitutional requirements” in order to carry on with their business and trade, but that they “have suffered loss and damage and continue to suffer loss and damage.”

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