Rates on one of the nation’s largest spot freight markets are fairly stable amid lower freight levels.

DAT reports total spot market loads available fell 4.6% April 20 through April 26 compared to the previous seven days.

Rates for both flatbeds and reefers were unchanged, coming in at an average of $2.35 and $2.28 per mile, respectively, while vans fell 1.5% to $2.03 per mile. This compares to big increases that were seen during part of the late Winter and early Spring.

Also rates for flatbeds were unchanged despite the load-to-truck ratio increasing 2.8% with 38.5 loads available for every truck, due to a slight drop in capacity. The rate for reefers held despite a 10% drop in load volume however, as the load to truck ratio fell 12% to 7.8 loads for every one truck.

The decline in the van rate came as capacity increased 1.7%, moving its load-to-truck ratio down from three loads per truck a week ago to 2.7.

Compared with early April, van rates are down seven cents per mile, flatbeds have lost four cents but reefers are still two cents higher.