Last year was a record year at the Port of Baltimore when it came to the handling of containers, autos and wood pulp, according to Maryland Port Administration.

The total amount of general cargo at the port’s public marine terminals reached 9.6 million tons, matching last year’s record. Combining the private marine terminals, the port saw 30.3 million tons of international cargo cross its docks last year, valued at approximately $52.6 billion.

Last year public terminals at the port handled 6.4 million tons of containers, an increase of 1% from 2012, while public and private terminals there handled 749,100 autos, up 16% from 2012 and the highest among all U.S. ports. Wood pulp, used to produce napkins, tissues and paper towels; handled by the terminal, increased 23% from 2012, hitting 591,570 tons and beating the previous record of 515,433 tons set in 2011,

The Port of Baltimore is ranked as the top port among all U.S. ports for handling autos and light trucks, farm and construction machinery, imported forest products, imported sugar, imported aluminum and imported gypsum. Baltimore ranks second in the U.S. for exported coal. Overall Baltimore is ranked ninth for the total dollar value of cargo and 14th for cargo tonnage for all U.S. ports.