MATS, LOUISVILLE --Peterbilt is taking its diamond anniversary celebration to thousands of customers and enthusiasts throughout North America with an eight-month, 80-stop tour that sends a specially trimmed tractor and an exhibition trailer to scores of dealerships and industry events, the company says. 

Starting April 1, the Peterbilt 75th Anniversary Tour will provide retrospective, current appreciation and future hints of the industry’s most iconic commercial vehicle brand, said Robert Woodall, director of sales and marketing.

The centerpiece of the tour is a custom-built, double-expandable, 53-foot trailer with educational and entertaining displays. The trailer will be pulled by the Model 579 Anniversary Edition tractor.

“This will be a hallmark moment for many – a chance to see one-of-a-kind Peterbilt memorabilia and learn about the company’s history and its role in defining what trucking means and where it is going,” Woodall said.

“The bond between Peterbilt, our dealers and our customers has always been the strongest in the industry. This year-long event will take those relationships to an even greater level.”

One of the displays is a History Wall that highlights significant accomplishments and products through the years, from the first Peterbilt manufactured in 1939 to cab and sleeper cutaways of current Models 579 and 567.

There will also be displays of the Paccar MX-13 Engine and Peterbilt’s new Models 579 and 567 cab and sleeper products.

“In addition to the product displays, there are interactive kiosks that let customers configure their own Model 579 or learn of the features and benefits of our full product line with 360-degree virtual tours,” Woodall said.

“Our dealers will utilize this unique opportunity to host open houses for customers, and regardless of how long they’ve been operating Peterbilts or how much of a fan of our brand that they are, I guarantee everyone will walk away learning new facts from our company’s proud 75-year history.”

The tour schedule includes 80 stops throughout the United States and Canada, and will run into November. The company said the following dates and locations are subject to change:

  • April 1:            JX Peterbilt – Indianapolis (Ind.)
  • April 3:            JX Peterbilt – Waukesha (Pewaukee, Wis.)
  • April 7:            Allstate Peterbilt (South St. Paul, Minn.)
  • April 9:            Cedar Rapids Truck Center (Iowa)
  • April 11:          Peterbilt of Sioux City (Iowa)
  • April 14:          Peterbilt of Wyoming (Cheyenne)
  • April 16:          Jackson Group Peterbilt – Salt Lake City (Utah)
  • April 18:          Peterbilt of Las Vegas (Nev.)
  • April 21:          Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment (Sparks, Nev.)
  • April 23:          Valley Peterbilt (Stockton, Cal.)
  • April 25:          Western Peterbilt (Sacramento, Cal.)
  • May 2:             D.S.U. Peterbilt (Portland, Ore.)
  • May 5:             Coast Counties Peterbilt (San Jose, Cal.)
  • May 7:             Golden State Peterbilt (Porterville, Cal.)
  • May 9:             Rush Peterbilt – Fontana (Cal.)
  • May 12:           Rush Peterbilt – Pico Rivera (Cal.)
  • May 14:           Rush Peterbilt – San Diego (Cal.)
  • May 16:           Rush Peterbilt – Phoenix (Tolleson, Ariz.)
  • May 20:           Rush Peterbilt – Denver (Colo.)
  • May 23:           Rush Peterbilt – Amarillo (Tex.)
  • June 2:             Rush Peterbilt – Oklahoma City (Ok.)
  • June 4:             Rush Peterbilt – Dallas (Tex.)
  • June 6:             Rush Peterbilt – San Antonio (Tex.)
  • June 9:             Rush Peterbilt – Houston (Tex.)
  • June 11:           Peterbilt of Baton Rouge (La.)
  • June 13:           Peterbilt of Little Rock (North Little Rock, Ark.)
  • June 16:           Peterbilt Truck Centers (Jackson, MS)
  • June 18:           Peterbilt Truck Center of Birmingham (Ala.)
  • June 20:           Rush Peterbilt – Nashville (Smyrna, Tenn.)
  • June 23:           Peterbilt of Atlanta (Ga.)
  • June 25:           Peterbilt of Tifton (Ga.)
  • June 27:           Rush Peterbilt – Tampa (Fla.)
  • June 30:           Palm Peterbilt (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)
  • July 2:              Rush Peterbilt – Orlando (Fla.)
  • July 7:              Rush Peterbilt – Jacksonville (Fla.)
  • July 9:              The Pete Store – Columbia (S.C.) 
  • July 10:            Peterbilt Truck Center of Charleston (Summerville, S.C.)
  • July 14:            Rush Peterbilt – Charlotte (N.C.)
  • July 15:            Piedmont Peterbilt (Greensboro, N.C.)
  • July 16:            Performance Peterbilt of Bristol (Glade Spring, Va.)
  • July 18:            The Pete Store – Richmond (Va.)
  • July 22:            The Pete Store – Baltimore (Md.)
  • July 24:            Hunter Peterbilt (Butler, Pa.)
  • July 25:            Hunter Peterbilt (Eau Claire, Pa.)
  • July 28:            G.L. Sayre Peterbilt (Conshohoken, Pa.)
  • July 30:            Hunter Jersey Peterbilt (Clarksburg, N.J.)
  • Aug. 1:            Peterbilt of New York City (N.Y.)
  • Aug. 4:            Utica General Peterbilt (N.Y.)
  • Aug. 6:            Peterbilt of Connecticut (Berlin, Conn.)
  • Aug. 8:            New Hampshire Peterbilt (Bow, N.H.)
  • Aug. 11:          Lucky’s Peterbilt of Vermont (South Royalton, Vt.)
  • Aug. 13:          Whited Peterbilt of Maine (Bangor, Me.)
  • Aug. 18:          Peterbilt Atlantic – Fredericton (New Brunswick)
  • Aug. 20:          TransDiff Peterbilt de Quebec (Quebec City, Que.)
  • Aug. 22:          Camions Excellence Peterbilt Laval (Laval, Que.)
  • Aug. 25:          Peterbilt Ontario Truck Centres – Whitby (Ont.)
  • Aug. 27:          Peterbilt Ontario Truck Centres – Mississauga (Ont.)
  • Aug. 29:          Peterbilt Ontario Truck Centres – London (Ont.)
  • Sept. 3:            Thunder Bay Truck Centre (Ont.)
  • Sept. 8:            Peterbilt Manitoba (Winnipeg, Mant.)
  • Sept. 10:          Cervus Equipment Peterbilt (Regina, Sask.)
  • Sept. 12:          Cervus Equipment Peterbilt (Saskatoon, Sask.)
  • Sept. 15:          Calgary Peterbilt (Calgary, Alb.)
  • Sept. 17:          Peterbilt Red Deer (Alb.)
  • Sept. 19:          Stahl Peterbilt – Edmonton (Alb.)
  • Sept. 23:          Peterbilt Pacific (Abbotsford, B.C.)
  • Sept. 24:          Peterbilt Pacific (Surrey, B.C.)
  • Sept. 26:          Western Peterbilt (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Sept. 29:          Western Peterbilt (Liberty Lake or Pasco, Wash.)
  • Oct. 1:             Montana Peterbilt (Missoula, Mont.)
  • Oct. 3:             Montana Peterbilt (Billings, Mont.)
  • Oct. 7:             Nebraska Peterbilt (Grand Island, Neb.) 
  • Oct. 10:           Great Lakes Peterbilt (Portage, Ind.)
  • Oct. 13:           Mid-America Peterbilt (O’Fallon, Mo.)
  • Oct. 17:           Doonan Peterbilt Truck & Equipment (Wichita, Kans.)
  • Nov. 3:            Peterbilt of Cincinnati (Ohio)
  • Nov. 5:            Allstate Peterbilt (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Nov. 7:            JX Peterbilt – Grand Rapids (Wyoming, Mich.)
  • Nov. 10:          JX Peterbilt – Lansing (Lansing, Ill.)

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