Less-than-truckload carrier Averitt Express started offering this month climate-controlled services in self-contained, self-powered, LTL shipping units. These units can be combined with dry cargo and other climate controlled units.

The tracking features allow customers the ability use as many or as few containers as needed and is reportedly an environmentally responsible way to transport sensitive and high value cargo. The continuous tracking allows monitoring of everything from temperature and humidity to entry and function alarms. Customers can track their shipments live on the web and can even watch their shipments via live video.

“Averitt is the first transportation company to offer this service,” said Ken Broussard, president and founder of Climate Controlled Containers, which Averitt is partnering with for the service. “

Each unit runs on internal batteries with more than 150 hours of operating time. If extended cargo hold times are needed, and units can easily be recharged via a standard power outlet or 24- volt DC supply.

The containers feature an all-aluminum frame and shell and can be stacked up to three high. They are lockable with a two-point cam latch and breach alarm with a temperature control that is accurate within one degree.

Internal temperature ranges are from 10°F to 140°F while the ambient temperature limits are between 130°F and 20°F.

They measure approximately 82 inches high, 88 inches long and 51 inches high on the outside and have an internal height of 64 inches, length of 51 inches and width of nearly 47 inches.

Payload limit is 2,000 pounds.