The state of Washington will soon be home to one of the nation’s largest privately funded propane autogas public refueling networks, and the single largest installation of alternative fuel infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

Eleven 24-hour public refueling stations in the Puget Sound region were funded and spearheaded by Blue Star Gas, a propane fuel supplier, and a member of the Alliance AutoGas clean vehicle conversion and refueling network.

The public propane autogas refueling sites will service the Pacific Northwest’s growing population of alternative fuel vehicles.

The refueling stations, similar in operation to traditional gasoline filling stations, will serve more than 400 customer vehicles in the Pacific Northwest. These customers can gain access to the pumps 24/7 via a card-reading system, which also enables users to track fuel savings and miles-per-gallon usage.

Fleets in the area can contact a local Blue Star Gas fleet specialist for access to the stations and training on safe refueling.

The Blue Star Gas public refueling network first came online in Oct. 2011 with a site installation in the University District of Seattle, which services Seattle Children’s Hospital. By July 2014, all 11 public refueling stations will be in service throughout the Puget Sound region. The network’s flagship station is located at Blue Star Gas – Seattle Co. in Tukwila.






More than 21 million vehicles worldwide currently run on propane autogas. The EPA-approved alternative fuel emits 12 percent less carbon dioxide, 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, 60 percent less carbon monoxide, and costs 40 to 50 percent less than gasoline.


For a complete list of propane autogas public refueling stations and locations in the Blue Star Gas network, visit You can also learn more about propane autogas, available equipment options, or speak with a Blue Star Gas fleet specialist by visiting