C.R. England has opened a new IdleAir facility at its terminal at 8422 Amparan Road in Laredo, Texas. The 24-space IdleAir facility provides C.R. England drivers with in-cab services that provide heating and air conditioning, Internet connectivity, television, and 110-volt electrical, completely eliminating the need for idling. 

IdleAir developed a customized facility designed around the needs of C.R. England and its operation at the Laredo terminal. C.R. England receives a customized turnkey package of IdleAir services and support, and is expected to quickly realize significant fuel and maintenance savings.

Reducing idling saves fuel and associated maintenance costs, and provides C.R. England drivers with a cleaner, quieter, more relaxing rest environment. 

Integrating easily with other idle-reduction strategies, IdleAir delivers a suite of services, including HVAC, power, and entertainment options.  .