One logistics provider, with the help of a railroad, is gearing up to take what may arguably their best shot at trucking’s dominance when it comes to hauling refrigerated freight.

Transcold Express is expected to launch in May, according to DC Velocity, offering service between Wilmington, Ill., about 60 miles southwest of Chicago and the home of several “food parks,” and Selma, Calif., just south of Fresno, where many table grapes and resulting raisins are produced.

McKay TransCold is working with BNSF Railway to offer this hub-to-hub dedicated refrigerated boxcar unit train that will be bi-directional. It will begin the service with two trains in each direction pulling 50 refrigerated boxcars and expand to two days of service as the demand grows, according to Transcold Express.

Each boxcar holds around the equivalent of four truckloads, while each train can move up to the equivalent of 200 truckloads.

The big distinction between this service and other intermodal services is that will operate as a “rail-truck hybrid instead of incorporating a dray.”

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