Rates in the three major categories on one of the nation’s leading spot markets for freight increased or held steady over the past week, according to newly released figures.

DAT reports while vans were unchanged Dec. 29 through Jan. 4, at an average of $1.95 per mile, flatbeds continued its recent trend of heading higher. It gained 0.9% from the previous seven days, registering $2.17 per mile. Reefers, also saw a hike, though not as much, increasing 0.5%, for an average of $2.13 per mile.

The rate for vans was the peak for 2013, while the national average of flatbeds is 2.9% higher than November and 4.3% above December 2012. As for reefers, After finishing December 4.9% higher than the November average, it appears activity may be hitting a lull after a strong holiday season, says DAT.

All this happened as overall activity on the spot market increased, with the number of available loads increasing 6.9% from the week before, while spot market truck capacity fell 8.9%

The Van load-to-truck ratio increased 23% while the flatbed load-to-truck ratio moved 6.3% higher and the reefer load-to-truck ratio jumped 18%.