Conditions on the spot market have improved somewhat from the week before, according to new figures released by the freight-matching service provider DAT.

Total spot market loads available to haul increased 4.9% Oct. 27 through Nov. 2 compared to the previous seven days, while spot market capacity fell 2.3%.

In the van category the load-to-truck ratio improved 8.8% but rates fell 1.6% from the week before to an average of $1.84 per mile, the lowest out of the past four-weeks. For all of October van rates declined 1.1% from the month before, but are 4% higher than October 2012.

Conversely, in the flatbed sector rates were better but the load-to-truck ratio declined over the past week. Rates increased 4.3% to an average of $2.11 per mile, tying the four-week high, while the ratio fell 3.1%. The average rate of $2.10 for October is three cents lower than September’s average.

Rates for reefers fell 1% from the week before, for an average of $2.05 per mile, the lowest out of the last four-weeks, while the load-to-truck ratio increased 11%. Reefer rates for all of October are down 5.1% from September as produce season winds down across most of the country.