Wabco is partnering with Huf Electronics Bretten to develop Wabco’s next generation tire pressure monitoring system for trucks, buses and trailers. Wabco’s new system will be available to original equipment manufacturers and in the aftermarket in the second half of 2014.

Building on its IVTM system, Wabco expects to offer its customers a choice of internally or externally mounted tire sensors or a mix of both types of sensors on new commercial vehicles. In the new system, Wabco will use the additional tire temperature monitoring capability of the internal sensor technology from Huf Electronics Bretten.

Tire pressure monitoring detects tire leakages at an early stage, allowing drivers to park safely and take appropriate action to minimize vehicle downtime. Tire leakages are the most frequent reason for commercial vehicle downtime. Proper inflation extends tire life by as much as 20% and reduces fuel consumption by up to 2%. With Wabco’s Trailer telematics and IVTM system, fleet managers can remotely monitor tire pressure on each tire on every trailer via a Web portal.

In addition, Wabco's new system will be able to be adopted worldwide and will fit any commercial vehicle rim size, including those for off-road vehicles.