The number of loads available on one of the nation’s biggest spot markets saw its best July, but new figures also show freight levels over the past week is down from the week before.

Credit: DAT

Credit: DAT

DAT reports total load volume for July beat out June’s level for the first time on record, going back to 1996. It was up 3% compared to an average decline of 20% over the past ten years.

Also, when July is compared to the same time a year ago, the overall number of loads available was 20% higher, with gains being seen in reefer and flatbed load-to truck ratios while van were down.

Despite the increase, rates in July for flatbeds fell 3.9% during the same time period, while those for reefers increased 2.3% and vans gaining 1.7%.

On a weekly basis, overall spot market load availability fell 6.1% July 28 through August 3, compared to the previous seven days. The van load-to-truck ratio increased 11%, while flatbeds gained 2.1% and reefers added 6.3%.

The only gain in freight rates for the week was in the flatbed arena, increasing 0.9% from the week before, for an average of $2.20 per mile. Reefers fell 2.2% to $2.18 per mile while vans lost 0.5% to $1.84.