Maryland officials announced the Port of Baltimore’s public marine terminals handled a record 9.55 million tons of general cargo during its 2013 fiscal year, which was between July 2012 and June 2013.

It bested the previous record of 9.33 million tons set during the 2012 fiscal year.

Baltimore’s public piers also set consecutive records for exported cars in one month. In May 2013, 22,897 cars were exported from the facility, surpassing the previous record of 22,832 set in November 2012. In June 2013, the new record was eclipsed when 22,997 cars left the port for worldwide destinations.

In June 2013, the most recent numbers available, general cargo at the Port of Baltimore’s public marine terminals was up 4.6% from June 2012. General cargo includes autos, farm and construction machinery, containers and forest products, such as rolled paper and wood pulp.

In 2012, the Port of Baltimore saw 652,000 cars cross its public and private piers, the most of any U.S. port, say officials.

The Port of Baltimore is ranked as the top port among 360 U.S. ports for handling autos and light trucks, farm and construction machinery, imported forest products, imported sugar, imported aluminum and imported gypsum. It ranks second in the U.S. for exported coal, and imported iron ore, 9th for the total dollar value of international cargo and 11th for international cargo tonnage.