Rates and loads on one of the nation’s largest spot markets are mixed over the past week.

DAT reports from July 7-13 the number of loads increased in the U.S. by 2.7% compared to the previous seven days, however, two out of three sectors showed a drop in number of loads to trucks.

Credit: DAT.

Credit: DAT.

Van load-to-truck numbers fell 15% while the reefer loads-to-trucks declined 11%. In contrast, the flatbed load-to-truck number increased 5.4%.

As for rates, the only sector showing an increase during the period was flatbed, gaining 0.9%, for an average of $2.18 per mile. Vans lost 1.1%, for an average of $1.87, while reefers shed 1.8%, for $2.21.

Writing a few days ago for DAT’s Freight Talk Blog, Mark Montague, DAT analyst, noted reefer rates have been picking up recently in key produce markets.

“Fruit and vegetable harvests began and ended later in Texas and Florida, and crops have been either delayed or accelerated in various growing areas in California, due to changing weather conditions,” he wrote. “The produce season is extending well into July, absorbing capacity that is usually devoted to back-to-school food, clothing and general merchandise, and adding to pressure on rates in the third quarter.”