Elliptical Mobile Solutions announced that its investors and board of directors have approved to spin-off a new company, Zero Shock Seating.

ZSS is a startup company with exclusive rights to negotiate ownership of a patented, semi-active suspension system that substantially eliminates shock experienced by passengers of all vehicles by automatically adapting to both the driver's body weight and changing levels of shock and road vibration.

The inventions were originally developed and implemented in EMS' Micro-Modular Data Centers, but the new patents issued in April 2013 enable this disruptive technology to be applied to all passenger seats in the majority of vehicles.

Given this technology provides for the only "low profile" platform suspension available on the market today, ZSS can apply this technology to markets that have been previously unable to take advantage of this dramatic improvement in ride and safety.

ZSS will build the prototypes for both new seat applications as well as retrofit applications. These prototypes will be used to secure licensing revenues by offering field-of-use licenses to current manufacturers.