Shorepower Technologies announced seven more truckstops added electric plug-in power pedestals to their locations from March to mid-June to help truckers reduce idling.

The locations offer truck drivers and fleets more than 140 truck parking spaces with power connections. Five of the seven are also offering connections providing 480-volt power for hybrid refrigerated trailers. 

The newest locations are:

  • Flying J, Elkton, Md., 24 plugs-ins and five refrigeration unit connections (480-volt power)
  • Detroiter Travel Center, Woodhaven, Mich., 24 plugs-ins and six refrigeration unit connections (480V).
  • Champlain Truck Center, Champlain, N.Y., 24 plug-ins and two refrigeration unit connections (480V)
  • 21B Travel Plaza, West Coxsackie, N.Y., 24 plug-ins and six refrigeration unit connections (480V).
  • Flying J Travel Plaza, Dallas, Texas, 12 plug-ins. 
  • Flying J, Ruther Glen, Va., 24 plug-ins and five refrigeration unit connections (480V) 
  • George Truck Stop, George, Wash., 12 plug-ins.  

Shorepower’s pedestals provide access to 120-volt or 208-volt power sources, at a rate of $1 per hour, with cable TV available at a number of locations. It is offering a try-it-free promotion for new users. The first night is free with any new registration. The free night offer is for new customers and is valid for cab power only. 

“While this summer is not expected to be as hot as the last three, forecasters are still expecting temperatures in the southern and western United States to be higher than normal,” said Alan Bates, vice president of marketing for Shorepower Technologies. “Truckers who are looking for ways to stay cool this summer without idling their truck engines or running diesel-powered APUs, shore power can offer an alternative. Shorepower can also help truckers with battery-powered APUs get a full rest in cool comfort without worrying whether the batteries can keep up with the draw of the air conditioner. It's a perfect complement to a battery system.

“From late December 2012 through early June 2013, we electrified 13 travel plazas as part of STEP (Shorepower Truck Electrification Project) a U.S Department of Energy funded program,” Bates said. “With these seven locations now up and running, we’ve completed the installation of 50 locations funded by the DOE.”

The company has further plans and has been installing pedestals at 13 locations beyond the STEP project. While it currently has 63 sites in 30 states with 1,800 electrified parking spaces, Shorepower says the goal is to build and operate a total of 250 locations with 10,000 electrified parking spaces in the next five years.

For truck owners who don't have a shore power-compatible APU or integrated HVAC system, a heavy-duty 12-gauge or larger extension cord and a 110-volt alternating current air conditioning unit is all that’s needed to stay cool, Bates said. Adding a power strip can let you power other personal appliances, a laptop or a microwave.