The recent rescue of two children who had been abducted and were the subject of an Amber Alert in Southern New England was due in part to a driver with A. D, uie Pyle.

Soon after the alert came across the radio, A. Duie Pyle line haul driver, Jim Balben, spotted a car near South Windsor, Conn., matching the description from the Amber Alert.

He immediately called the Connecticut State Police, who had not been aware of the abduction in Massachusetts. Balben followed the vehicle until the State Police confirmed the alert and arrived on the scene.

“About 10-15 minutes after the alert was read on Boston’s sports talk station 93.7FM, I saw a car that fit the description pass me and I thought I saw a child’s arm in the back. As the car pulled ahead of me I could see the first and last digits on the license plate which matched the report on the radio, so I contacted the police and followed the car,” said Balben.

Balben’s actions allowed for a quick resolution to the situation and for the safe return of the children.