National Financial Literacy month is recognized in the United States in April to highlight the importance of financial literacy and to teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits.


In recognition of National Financial Literacy month, VeteransPlus, a 501 (c)(3) financial literacy organization serving military members and Veterans, has established an award to recognize organizations that help foster financial literacy among military personnel and Veterans. Ryder, a leader in commercial transportation and supply chain management solutions, has been selected for the very first VeteransPlus F.I.S.H. Award.

The 2013 F.I.S.H. Award or "Foundations In Support of Heroes” takes its inspiration from the Chinese proverb: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." The award reflects the VeteransPlus mission to teach financial literacy to provide a lifetime of financial wellness.

VeteransPlus Executive Director, John Pickens, said, "We at VeteransPlus have a strong commitment to improving financial literacy among the military and Veteran population. We also believe that all forms of support to these Heroes should integrate financial literacy in order to be successful."

Founded in 2008, VeteransPlus has been dedicated to fostering partnerships to support service members Veterans and their families with the financial stresses of military life. "There is no greater calling than serving one's country, and Ryder has demonstrated support to our men and women in uniform by empowering them with tools for financial prosperity and aiding their families through partnerships with non-profits," Pickens continued. "I am honored to recognize their efforts to promote financial literacy and their support to our military personnel and Veterans’ families."

The award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a genuine understanding and appreciation for the value of financial education (teaching one to fish), beyond the fundamental provision of financial support (giving the fish). Ryder, through the Ryder Charitable Foundation, has assisted VeteransPlus by providing key funding to launch the Yellow Ribbon Registry Network (YRRN). The YRRN ( is the first database in America which allows multiple non-profits to collaborate while providing emergency aid to military and Veteran families with the added value of financial counseling provided by VeteransPlus.

“Ryder recognizes the great sacrifices made by men and women in the military and is proud to provide meaningful assistance to service members, Veterans, and their families,” said David Bruce, Executive Director of the Ryder Charitable Foundation. “Whether it’s through support of organizations like VeteransPlus or involvement in Veteran hiring initiatives, Ryder is committed to helping members of the military successfully transition back into civilian life.”